• Antonis Polemitis
    CEO at University of Nicosia
  • Alexey Gubarev
    Co-Founder and Board Member at Palta, Founder at XBT Holding
  • Angelos Gregoriades
    Advisor to the Board at TechIsland
  • Petr Valov
    Co-Founder & CEO at exness
  • Stylianos Lambrou
    Co-Founder at The Heart Group
  • Siarhei Kostevitch
    CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors at ASBIS
  • Valentinos Polykarpou
    Executive Director, Global HR Ops & Services / General Manager, Cyprus at Wargaming
  • Arthur Mamedov
    CEO at TheSoul Publishing
  • Andreas Neocleous
    CEO at CYTA
  • Andrey Fadeev
    Co-Founder & CEO at Nexters
  • Dusan Duffek
    Partner & Co-Founder at 0100 Ventures
  • Christos Onoufriou
    CEO at Odyssey Cybersecurity
  • Moshe (Hiko) Rajczyk
    Founder at Yomora 4 Media
  • George Tsaparillas
    CEO at GA Tech
  • Georgios A. Georgiou
    Director for Digital & Innovation at Logicom
Judging process

The TechIsland Award evaluates nominees using a broad set of criteria, including impact, support, metrics, collaboration, innovation, and more. These were meticulously selected to ensure that the award goes to those making significant industry contributions with future potential.

The judging process, running from May 2nd through May 5th, is conducted by an esteemed panel comprising leaders from major local and international companies, trusted community individuals, and TechIsland Board members. This panel reviews nominations, evaluates them against the set criteria, deliberates, and finalizes the winners to be announced at the TechIsland Award Ceremony.

In a bid to maintain the utmost fairness, transparency, and objectivity in our evaluations, any judge with a close professional affiliation or relationship to a nominee, including being a nominee themselves, will not be able to vote for that specific nomination.

Furthermore, to encourage a diverse range of innovation and provide opportunities for a wider array of talent, the same individual or company will not be eligible to win the TechIsland Award in two consecutive years.

This rigorous process ensures that the TechIsland Awards go to the most deserving individuals, companies, and projects in the tech and innovation industry in Cyprus. We remain committed to upholding integrity in recognizing the best and brightest in our technology and innovation community.