Shaping the future of Cyprus through technology leadership
Techisland Awards, a non-commercial initiative designed to recognise and celebrate the individuals, companies, and projects that are making a significant impact on the development and growth of the tech & innovation industry in Cyprus.

Date 7 September 2023
Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa Limassol

Main Goal

The TechIsland Awards is an annual program initiated by the TechIsland Association in 2023. It recognizes and celebrates the individuals, companies, and projects with exceptional contributions to the tech & innovation industry in Cyprus throughout the previous year. The award is open to any person or organization actively enhancing the tech community in Cyprus.

The goal of this award is to determine, validate, excel and celebrate the people and projects that are spreading the brand of Cyprus as a tech hub globally.

The award process is transparent, fair and reliable, as only members of the TechIsland Association are eligible to nominate projects, individuals, or companies. TechIsland board – experts in the field – will choose the winners. This process will ensure a fair selection, and it will be a way to acknowledge the true winners with a tangible impact on the tech & innovation industry in Cyprus.

The TechIsland Awards timeline
13.03 - 26.04
The journey starts with nominations. Only TechIsland members are eligible to nominate projects, individuals, or companies they believe significantly impacted the tech and innovation industry in Cyprus.
02.05 - 05.05
Once the nomination is complete, the board will review the nominees and evaluate them based on criteria defined for each category. The board members will make their decisions based on the merits of the projects and the information provided in the nomination.
Announcement of Finalists
After the judging process concludes, the finalists will be announced. These are the projects, individuals, and companies selected as the top contenders for the TechIsland Awards.
Final Decision
The final decision will be made by the TechIsland board, which will review the finalists and select the winner. The winners will be announced at a ceremony and receive the TechIsland Awards.

Benefits of participation

Connect with tech power players
Network with tech industry leaders, government officials, innovation stakeholders and investors to expand your reach and create meaningful connections to boost your business.
Celebrate excellence in tech & innovation
Celebrate and recognize the people and companies that have contributed to the growth and success of Cyprus’ tech industry with TechIsland Award. Recognize those who have gone above and beyond to make an impact on the island, spreading the brand of Cyprus as a global tech hub.
Make your brand shine
Join us in the quest for the best in tech and innovation. Signal your passion for all things cutting-edge to your customers and leverage the PR opportunities related to this initiative.

Showcase your contribution and be celebrated.

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Organizer of awards

A non-profit IT Association established in 2021 with the mission of turning Cyprus into a world-class destination for world-class talent. Since the TechIsland Association is dedicated to supporting the tech and innovation industry in Cyprus, the TechIsland Awards is an excellent opportunity to further recognize and promote the valuable contributions of those who drive progress in terms of the island's economy and tech industry.
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